Our puppy preschool will teach your new family member about basic obedience as well as promoting safe and healthy socialisation so that your pup learns to be a polite canine citizen.  

Classes run for 5 weeks, every Saturday morning 9-10am

Next course starts 29th February 2020

Saturday mornings @ 9am

Week 1

We kick start week 1 with place/mat training, whilst we talk about health and well being. This includes vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatments, desexing etc.  We will then have a group Q&A session to talk about many of the common behaviour problems, such as, house training, barking, jumping and any other problems you might be facing. Lastly we will run through marker training and its benefits.



Week 2

We will recap on marker training and move on to using food to lure your dog into the sit, drop and stand positions, followed by class practise. During week 2 we will also discuss how to expose your pups to novel and sometimes scary items, such as umbrellas, balloons, strollers, bells, fans etc. We will then bring these items out to practise and problem solve different reactions that may occur.

Week 3

During the first half of this week's class and after a class demo of what you have learnt so far, we will show you how to recall (come when called) your pup using a long line (lead).  Followed by lots of class practise.  For the remainder of the class, we will provide you with information about an Intro to Nose Works and each pup will have a go at being nosey parkers with the box game.

Week 4

This week things get a bit serious and we start you off with Leash Handling Skills.  As always we will provide you with information and a demo and then hand over to you for a test drive, whilst giving you helpful pointers.  To relax things a little after all that hard work, pups will get to have a go at our fun agility set up and get to race through our tunnel, jump through the hoop, have a go at walking over the cavaletti set and more.

Week 5

Now's the time to showcase everything you have learned and graduate from Puppy School.  Pups will be photographed with their graduation certificates and given a small doggy bag of goodies.  Pups will get to choose to play the box game, have a snuffle or have more agility fun.  We will then discuss future training options and class will be dismissed.


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