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Group Training



Set your pup off on the right paw with puppy preschool at The Hound Lounge.  Learn about how to live in harmony with your new family member and how to help them become a well adjusted dog.

Open to puppies aged from 8 to 16 weeks.

Maximum 6 dogs per group.


Do you suddenly find yourself with a rambunctious teenager on your hands? 

Welcome to our Game-Based Training Class, where we'll focus on strengthening your relationship with your teenage dog.


Designed for dogs aged between 6-12

months of age 



This class is designed to continue your training journey and really start to solidify those obedience-based behaviours. Now that you are out of the teenage months, your dog should have no trouble taking their skills to the next level.

Designed for dogs over 1 year old or dogs that have attended our Surviving Adolescence class.


 Are you ready to unlock your Oodles awesomeness? Join our super cool Dog Training Class designed
especially for Oodles! Get ready for enrichment, fun games, and problem-solving skills through exciting activities. 


3 week course



Are you tired of dealing with pulling on the leash and have selective hearing when it comes to recall? 

This course will focus on building a strong relationship with your dog and teach them to choose you over distractions. We help you build a strong, lasting bond and conquer those challenges together. Our class will include interactive games, engaging exercises and some obedience skills to make training exciting and fun.

Wide angle portrait of an adorable Golde


​K9 Nose Work ® is a fun, new activity that teaches the art of scent detection and is accessible to all dogs. If your dog has a nose, they can play the game!

We currently have both intro to Nose Work® and Intro to odour classes available.


Maximum 5 dogs per group.

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