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Lisa Levett

Co Owner/Trainer

Lisa has 2 Brussels Griffons, Boris and Floss aka Flip Flop the Brussels Griffons.  Before having toy breeds, Lisa had boxers and a bullmastiff, her first boxer was extremely reactive and is part of the reason why she now works with dogs.  


Prior to The Hound Lounge Lisa previously owned  a dog walking, home boarding and training business.  Lisa set the business up many years ago and gained valuable experience working with a huge variety of dog temperaments and breeds. During this time Lisa became a certified dog trainer and attended/still attends numerous workshops and seminars to continue her learning in the dog world.  


She enjoys being covered in dog hair, slob and constantly smelling of dog  treats.  During her spare time, Lisa enjoys eating chocolate, drinking coffee and sleeping.

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Co Owner/Trainer

Maddie has always been interested in animals, and from a young age was surrounded by pets of all shapes and sizes. As she got older however, she realised that dogs were where her true passion lay!

Before going into business at The Hound Lounge, Maddie was a veterinary nurse at Annandale Animal Hospital. In her 5 years there, she was able to grow and develop her love for dogs and explore her interest in dog behaviour and training. As well as this, she was able to develop many skills to help dogs not only with their physical health, but also their mental wellbeing.


During her time at Annandale Animal Hospital, she was also in charge of teaching and coordinating the puppy preschool classes, which developed and strengthened her love for all dogs.

Maddie currently shares her life with 4 beautiful dogs of her own, Peanut the Spoodle, Pretzel the Whippet, Squid the Greyhound and Toast the American Hairless Terrier, also three Cats, Noodle, Giblet and Oyster.  There's a theme here!

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Nat has had a huge passion for dogs her whole life, from a young age her mother always said that she would work with dogs one day. Nat grew up owning many different kinds of dogs such as Labradors and Shar Pei’s. 

Nat currently owns 2 Dachshunds Whittney and Daffney as well as a Beagle x Border Collie called Kobi.  Working with Whittney and teaching her so many cool tricks gave Nat the drive and passion to train dogs. Nat was destined to work with animals from a young age and every day she is living her dream teaching and enjoying interactions with all types of dogs.

Nat spends most of her time either with her dogs, or having a nap with her dogs. 




Sabrina has had a huge passion for animals since stepping into a veterinary clinic for her Year 10 work experience, this led her to study and complete a Certificate II in Animal Studies and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Sabrina's had an extensive employment history in the animal industry, including veterinarian clinics, pet retail stores and dog grooming.  Being part of The Hound Lounge family has been her happiest and most rewarding experience to date.


Sabrina's first family dog was her sweet Maltese x Silky called Nikki and now she has her hands full with Ziggy the Miniature Pinscher and two cats Hugo and Coco.


Sabrina loves coming home from work to tell them all about spending her day giving other doggos cuddles and kisses just to make them super jealous.



Daycare Attendant

Since Vivienne was little she's always LOVED animals. Knowing that she wasn’t allowed pets at home pushed her interest and love for them even more! From then on Vivienne knew her future career path would be within the animal industry.


Vivienne completed her Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at LaTrobe university in Melbourne and was fortunate enough to find a job at a doggy daycare during her last year of study. She worked there for a year before deciding on a change of scenery and moving to Sydney and THL!


Vivienne loves her job, not only because she get to interact with dogs everyday but because she gets to be apart of their life journey and watch them grow up.



Daycare Attendant

Kevin has been surrounded by dogs since birth and this is why he has a passion to take care of them.  He has lots of fond memories of cuddling and playing with the family Shih tzu's and Labrador.

Kevin now owns an American Staffy named Nala, she is the sassiest and girliest dog he's ever had and she fills his life with love and joy.  Kevin studied Cert II Animal Studies to help him gain work with dogs and fulfil his passion.  He is a true dog lover and will often be spotted dancing with or cuddling the dogs in his play area.

Kevin also enjoys going to the gym and playing in basketball competitions. In his spare time he's either cuddling his dog and daughter or taking them out to play.  Kevin listens to high school musical on our google device everyday.



Daycare Attendant

Evie has always found herself bonding closely with animals— she grew up with two rescues, a Springer Spaniel named Bea and a Shih Tzu named Cookie. In 2020 she searched long and hard for another rescue pup and found Charlie, a now 6 year old terrier mix. 

As well as dogs, Evie loves cats and has two—Charmander and Cinnamon. In her spare time you’ll find her reading, crocheting, playing video games or visiting Charlie at her parents’. 

Evie loves her work at THL, finding it extremely fulfilling to build relationships with all the beautiful pups she meets. Prior to THL Evie was a full time animal attendant at a pet retailer where she worked closely with puppies, kittens and other small animals.

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