Lisa Levett     

Business Co-Owner

Lisa has three beautiful squishy face dogs, Ronnie the Boxer, Boris and Floss aka Flip Flop the Brussels Griffons.  She loves nothing more than hanging out with them, and they are one of the reasons why she changed career paths from corporate life to the life of dogs.


Prior to The Hound Lounge Lisa previously owned  a dog walking, home boarding and training business.  Lisa set the business up many years ago and gained valuable experience working with a huge variety of dog temperaments and breeds.


During this time Lisa became a certified dog trainer and attended/still attends numerous workshops and seminars to continue her learning in the dog world.  


She enjoys being covered in dog hair, slob and constantly smelling of dog treats.

During her spare time, Lisa enjoys eating chocolate, drinking coffee and sleeping.

Maddie Curr Smith    

Business Co-Owner

Maddie has always been interested in animals, and from a young age was surrounded by pets of all shapes and sizes. As she got older however, she realised that dogs were where her true passion lay!

Before going into business at The Hound Lounge, Maddie was a veterinary nurse at Annandale Animal Hospital. In her 5 years there, she was able to grow and develop her love for dogs and explore her interest in dog behaviour and training. As well as this, she was able to develop many skills to help dogs not only with their physical health, but also their mental wellbeing.


During her time at Annandale Animal Hospital, she was also in charge of teaching and coordinating the puppy preschool classes, which developed and strengthened her love for all dogs.

Maddie currently shares her life with three beautiful dogs of her own, Peanut the Spoodle, Pretzel the Whippet and Squid the Greyhound, also three Cats, Noodle, Giblet and Oyster.  There's a theme here!

Maddie eats just enough to keep a cat alive.

Fabiola aka Fabulous

Daycare Assistant

Fabi is passionate about everything she does and loves learning new skills every day. Dogs are Fabi’s true love and she tells everyone that she has the most amazing job in the world.

Dogs have been with Fabi throughout some of the most important moments of her life! Her first dog was Cindy the spoodle, and then Polo the Wire hair Fox Terrier and currently Lola the Cocker Spaniel and Biggie the Brussels Griffon ❤️

Fabi is so kind hearted and always makes sure we’ve all had our coffee fix! Her specialty is gate training... she is the master of opening the daycare gates without letting the dogs out 🐾


Daycare Assistant/Trainee Dog Trainer

Alina has always loved animals and has volunteered in various animal shelters since moving to Australia from Russia 6 years ago.

She has a real a soft spot for rescue dogs especially her own Cleo. Cleo is a challenging dog, but has been great at helping Alina qualify for her National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) Cert III.

Alina previously owned a Black Russian Terrier called Baron, Siamese cat named Lisa, cat Alice and cat Missy, that she brought home from the street, when she was a child.

Alina comes to us with a lot of experience and has worked in dog daycares previously, we are excited to watch her grown and learn as a trainer and will be supporting her all the way.

Alina’s favourite thing to do at work, is take selfies with the dogs 🐾


Daycare Assistant

Laura has always had a love for animals and that’s what drove her to complete her Bachelor in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience degree. It was during her degree that she achieved first class honours in an animal behaviour research project, that she could turn her passion for animal behaviour into a career. She aspires to be like her fellow Hound Lounge Ladies and complete the NDTF certificate.


Laura was lucky growing up with a Mum that loves animals as much as she does, she could never say no to the many pets that captured her heart. These included; dogs, cats, mice, chickens, blue tongue lizards, bearded dragons, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, frogs, scorpions, insects and birds, the loves that are still with her today are her 3 cheeky chickens and her gorgeous beaglier sisters named Millie and Lucy.


Laura loves waking up every day and going to work because dogs make the world a better place.


Daycare Assistant/Dog Trainer


As you may expect, Anna has also had a love for all sorts of animals from a young age! This blossomed into an interest in animal behaviour and training and is what led Anna to complete her Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour with the NDTF.


Anna spent a number of years training dogs professionally before joining the team at The Hound Lounge as a Dog Trainer and Daycare Assistant and has been loving every second of it!


When she’s not at work you’re most likely to find Anna rock-climbing and going on all sorts of outdoor adventures with her two dogs, Zeus and Kuzco. 


Daycare Assistant

Bec is a crazy dog lady with a pack of 4, Frankie the Pug, Midna the Jug, Donnie the Frug and Taco the Chihuahua.

She always knew she wanted heaps of dogs and while 4 definitely wasn’t planned, she can’t imagine her life without them!


Bec has always wanted to work with animals and has been in the animal industry for 8 years, working in vet clinics, shelters, pet stores and now dog daycare.

She is a qualified Vet Nurse and has a keen interest in canine behaviour


In her spare time you’ll either find her on the couch with the dogs, at the gym trying to get them gains or out at the beach despite the obvious risk of turning into a 5’9” tomato!

Sammie Aka not Samantha

Daycare Assistant

Sammie loves spending her spare time outdoors and in the sun, she hates gloomy days, but loves staying active and hiking.

Sammie has known that she wanted to work with animals from a very young age and is hoping to one day be involved in wildlife conservation genetics! Sammie is currently studying Veterinary Medicine and decided on this path because her love for her Shetland Sheepdog, named Milady. Milady currently lives back home in Hong Kong.

Sammie told us that her main goal at The Hound Lounge is to be as good at opening gates as Fabi 😂 and of course to learn more about canine body language and appropriate play behaviour!

We love Sammie because she believes everything we tell her...

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