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Play and Learn

For all ages

 Life can get busy and training our dogs can fall behind. Our Daycare Academy packages are the perfect solution, let us make sure your dog gets the best of both worlds – play and learn!

Daycare Academy packages incorporate training into regular daycare days. As well as plenty of play with their friends, your dog will receive one on one training sessions with our trainers, totalling 45 minutes per day, to work on things such as obedience, leash walking, manners as well as some fun tricks.  Maintaining training is so important in keeping dogs mentally stimulated and fulfilled so they are the perfect canine companion. 


All new dogs must attend a 3 hour Taster Session prior to making a full/half day booking.  During this time we will asses your dog to ensure our daycare is suitable, we do this to ensure the safety and happiness of all dogs in our care.


All dogs must be up to date with their C3/C4 and Kennel Cough vaccinations in order to attend daycare and training classes. We understand that an annual vaccination program may not suit all dogs or owners, so a copy of titre test results showing sufficient immunity will also be adequate. 

Parasite prevention 

In order to prevent the spread of fleas and worms between dogs whilst at daycare, all dogs must be up to date with flea and worming treatments in order to be eligible for daycare and training.

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