Our puppy preschool will teach your new family member about basic obedience as well as promoting safe and healthy socialisation so that your pup learns to be a polite canine citizen.  

 Classes fully booked until May. 
Saturday classes available


Week One

This week is all about the human family members, while puppies stay home and practice having some alone time, we will answer all your most pressing questions. We will cover things like toilet training, inappropriate biting and chewing, jumping and barking. As well as all this, we will chat about overall health and wellbeing for your puppies. Finally, we will learn all about clicker training and send you home with plenty to practice!


Week Two

Week two is all about bravery! Young puppies are constantly learning new things about the world around them, and it is our job to help them learn how to encounter new things without feeling frightened. This week puppies will explore a fun exposure setup full of lots of things which can sometimes be a bit scary! We will also practice a mock vet and grooming visit, to help normalise these scenarios so that puppies can visit vets and groomers happily and with confidence

Luring week 3.jpg

Week Three

Week three is our obedience week, we know how important it is that the puppies we live with to listen well and follow commands politely and effectively. This week we will put our clicker skills to use and use luring to learn the basic commands – sit, drop, stand and place. We will learn where and how to teach and use command words effectively so that puppies have a clear understanding of what we want them to do, and are able to happily and enthusiastically comply when asked.


Week Four

Week four is full of skills for being out and about with your puppy. This week we will work on some loose leash skills for happy and calm walks for both dogs and humans. We will also practice some recall skills, having a run around off leash is a great treat for dogs, and the most important part of this is knowing they will return safely and immediately when called. We finish up with The Big Graduation

Graduation 1.jpg


The Big Graduation!  Saving the best for last, each puppy will receive a pawsonalied graduation certificate, a graduation photo opportunity, a goodie bag and a voucher to for a daycare session.


Week five and beyond

Training doesn't end when Puppy School finishes.  We offer follow on courses for puppies over 16 weeks as well as private training sessions and Noseworks®.  Take a look at our training pages for more information and get in touch if you have any questions.