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Does the following sound familiar?

  • My is dog difficult to walk, pulls on the lead and is barking and lunging

  • Our dog jumps up at guests and strangers

  • My dog ignore's me and won't do as he/she is told

  • I don't understand why my new dog/puppy is doing this

You're not alone!

A dog that has not received training may be destructive, stressed and more, making for an unhappy dog. 

Do you want to enjoy walks again and gain the skills to develop a well mannered dog.

Learn how to communicate with your dog and find out how to enjoy your new family addition.

We can help...

We are firm believers that a well-trained dog, is a happy dog, this is why we cater to all your training needs.

We offer a range of classes to kick start or continue the learning right through your dog’s life. Starting from puppy preschool and continuing through to juvenile and adult classes.

Our group classes are a fun and interactive way to stay on top of your dog’s training in a structured way that is easy to follow for owner and dog alike.  Contact us to discuss your needs and find out more about our current classes.

We understand that all dogs are different, and all training problems are unique so we also offer tailored individual training plans based on your dog’s particular needs.  Book an assessment session so we can create a training plan that works for you and your dog.


Get in touch today and talk to one of our certified trainers 

Success Stories

Poppy is 7 years old and has always barked for the ball to be thrown.  Her owners have inadvertently reinforced this behaviour by throwing the ball each time she barks.  We taught Poppy to make the right choice by remaining quiet to get her reward.

Take a look at Poppy's before and after video.

Before and After
Watch Now

Bruce had trouble behaving on his walks, he would lunge, bark at growl at other dogs, large vehicles and strangers.  We started back at the  basics focusing  on loose lead walking, communication and engagement in non distracting environments and  progressed to working well with distractions.