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Is your dog home alone?

Happy Dog

Here at The Hound Lounge, we aim not to be “just another dog daycare facility” but the most exciting and enjoyable part of your dog’s week. 


Many city dogs spend long hours at home alone waiting for their owners to return from work, but that doesn’t have to be the case for your dog!  

Daycare is growing in popularity throughout Sydney and indeed the rest of the world, and it’s easy to see why!

Daycare provides your loved furry family member with much needed mental and social stimulation to get them through the long hours while you work.

Dogs are social creatures and need interaction with other dogs and humans in order to thrive and be the happiest they can be.

The Hound Lounge provides all this in a safe, clean and vibrant environment.

A day in the life of The Hound Lounge. 


From the moment you drop your dog off, to the moment you pick them up we have their whole day planned and under control 


7 – 9:30 am

Drop off times are very exciting for all the dogs, they are pumped and ready for a fun filled day of daycare and excited to see all their friends, both canine and human!  This time of day is usually full of madness and fun, all under the watchful eyes of our staff. 


9:30 – 12pm

Now that things have settled down a bit, it’s time for a controlled play session with staff. These sessions involve structured play, nose work and even some fun with different kinds of equipment to explore and challenge your dog’s brain. 

Group Play

12 – 3pm

After all that play and exploration, it’s time for dogs to have a well-deserved rest before the rest of their busy day. 


3 – 7pm

Time for some more play time while we wait for everyone to be collected, ready to go home for dinner and a good snuggle with you before falling into bed, totally content and tired.

Dog Playing

We understand that all dogs are unique, some need more rest and alone time, whilst others prefer to be in amongst the crowd and romping around.  A member of staff will always be on hand supervising your dog to ensure we are meeting your dogs needs.

Due to our flexible booking system and zero cancellation fee, we can not guarantee that each day will run according to plan.

With one of the largest facilities around, there is plenty of room for dogs, big and small to frolic and play until their heart’s content. Dogs at The Hound Lounge are grouped with others who are most like them to make sure they all enjoy their stay as much as they possibly can.

We cater for all breeds and sizes, it doesn't matter if you have a little dog who thinks he’s ten feet tall, or a gentle giant, we are sure to have the right space and playmates to ensure your dog/s enjoy every second of every visit.


All new dogs must attend a 3 hour Taster Session prior to making a full/half day booking.  During this time we will asses your dog to ensure our daycare is suitable, we do this to ensure the safety

and happiness of all dogs in our care.


All dogs must be up to date with their C3 and Kennel Cough vaccinations in order to attend daycare and training classes. We understand that an annual vaccination program may not suit all dogs or owners, so a copy of titre test results showing sufficient immunity will also be adequate. 

Parasite prevention 

In order to prevent the spread of fleas and worms between dogs whilst at daycare, all dogs must be up to date with flea and worming treatments in order to be eligible for daycare and training.

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